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Walking Through the Gate to Freedom

My heart. My feelings. It’s been a crazy month. We have been so busy and traveled so much I haven’t been able to think straight let alone share about my CNN interview. To be honest, I am still in shock that CNN ran a story on me. It doesn’t even seem real. July was...

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Sunflower House’s Time Has Arrived

The last two weeks have been a blur. We have been traveling so much and so much has happened that I haven't had time to share. This includes sharing my feelings about my CNN interview. That will be coming soon. But what I want to share right now is about our Sunflower...

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Love Missions 2017 Hurricane Relief Project

Love Missions 2017 Hurricane Relief Project I think we can all say that in the last 30 days or so we have felt an overwhelming sense of helplessness at what has been going on in our world! It is unbelievable that so many horrific events can happen in a matter of...

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