But WHY?

Jul 29, 2020 | Reflections

The world is in such chaos. Covid is out of control. There are riots. Racism. Protests. Tearing down of monuments. Fighting about wearing a mask. Everyone is fighting for something.

People are fighting for their rights and their causes like never before.
These causes are important but so is human trafficking.

But WHY is there no outrage?

I see thousands of people in the streets holding up signs to protest any number of things.

But WHY not for child exploitation?

WHY are people ignoring human trafficking, child pornography, child rape, and child abuse?

The United States is one of the top ranking countries for human trafficking.

Yes, this is happening to our children in our neighborhoods, right here, in America.

The average age of a child being trafficked in our country is 12 years old.
That’s the average.
That means there are victims who are older and victims who are much, much younger.
THAT should make us want to protest, raise our voices for our children.

But WHY aren’t we protesting?

Every day, children are being bought, sold, drugged and abused. Lured in through gaming, apps, social media, and the internet, these children are becoming victims of heinous crimes.

But WHY do we not crowd the streets for our children?

Instead, we ignore it. Pretend it’s not happening.
If it doesn’t affect us its easy to turn a blind eye.
I wish someone had fought for me.
I wish that those who knew of my abuse would have said something.

But WHY did everyone stay silent?
WHY aren’t we speaking up now?

There are hundreds of thousands of children around the world who are being affected, hoping that someone will care enough to help.

But WHY aren’t we being a voice for the voiceless?

One day it could be your family member. Would you fight then? Would you care then? Would you protest then?

Would you fight against manufacturing companies, rich pedophiles, and trafficking rings? Would you fight against websites that allow child pornography to be shown and shared?

Would you fight if your child or a family member had pictures online for others to buy?

But WHY aren’t we fighting for them?
They’re somebody’s child.

It’s a crime that affects us all, even if we don’t want to think about it.

Traffickers don’t care about color, age, gender, socio-economic background, race, religion, ethnicity, or any other demographic.
But WHY do we ignore it as if it couldn’t happen in our family?

But WHY don’t we fight against human trafficking like we do all these other causes?

WHY aren’t more celebrities and leaders standing up and protesting against those that labor traffic children, profit off of selling children for sex and porn or harvesting organs?
WHY are these industries making billions of dollars off our children while we turn the other way?

These are supposed to be our most precious, priceless gifts. Our futures. Our next teachers, lawyers, business owners, nurses, artists, scientists, and presidents.

But WHY don’t we protect them?

These dreams will never happen if you, us, we, don’t take a stand for our most vulnerable.

If we all stood up, if we all fought for this like we fight for other things, we could save our children.

But WHY don’t we?

Could it be that its easier to look the other way?
Could it be that we might just have to make a sacrifice?

It’s time to stand up, so that the victims of trafficking are no longer asking, “WHY won’t someone help me?”

I’m a Survivor Leader and the President of Love Missions, an organization dedicated to educating and fighting for our children (and adults!).

Join the fight today. Fight for the ones who can’t fight for themselves. Be the voice for the voiceless. We can start NOW!

How Can You Help?

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Be a voice, tell people about
the dangers of human trafficking in our country and around the world.

*Join one our trainings.
*Put together a Freedom Bag packing party
*Go buy a cup of coffee from Palate Coffee Brewery

Speak Up and Be Heard

Since writing this, a few organizations have announced rallies that they are hosting. It makes me happy. I hope it spreads across the Nation.

*Join the rally in Orlando at Lake Eola on Thursday, July 30th 6-8pm

*Join rally in Daytona Beach on Friday,July 31st at 5:00. They will be meeting at the corner of Canal and Rush St.

Together, we can be the difference.

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