Five Children Rescued!

human trafficking rescued children

Love Missions has BIG NEWS!

We recently rescued FIVE children out of the hands of their abuser.

This horrible man threatened to pour gasoline on them and set them all on fire. With many prayers, social workers and police were able to get them out safely.

Now they are in our beautiful Sunflower Safehouse.

These children were living in horrible conditions.

The shack where they were being abused had rotting floors, holes in the walls, and a rusty metal roof. The social worker said that the shack wasn’t fit for animals, much less precious children.

delapitated shack

Now they have a home.

Upon arriving at the Sunflower House, these children were allowed to pick out their own beds, sheets, and blankets from our provisions. They were so excited! For the first time in their lives, they each have their own bed and they can fall asleep each night knowing that they are safe.

Sunflower Safe House for Human Trafficking Victims

We are so excited to have you partner with us in bringing them safety, hope, love, and a future.

And now the work begins and we need your help!

We need your help.

Together, Let’s See What Love Can Do.

House expenses, living expenses, and school expenses add up when you bring five children into safety. We are looking for sponsors who will partner with us in providing for the well-being of these precious children.

Become a hurting child’s hero today.

Please become a PARTNER in the safety and care of these young children. Love Missions will need to raise $550/month PER CHILD to provide a safe home, medical services, therapy, food, clothing, and schooling.

Would you be willing to help us help these beautiful children live a happy, healthy life?

Together, Let’s See What Love Can Do.

  • You can change a child’s future for as little as $25 a month
  • Please click on a donate button and then selection the option “Sponsor a Child”
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