Operations Intern

Financial Interns

Financial interns will be responsible for the recording and processing of donations, creating event budgets and managing donor communications. Will work on financial reports, spreadsheets to providing monthly reports to missionary staff and leadership in regards to donations. Intern will ensure that budgets and donor funds are handled ethically and accurately. This position will work collaboratively with logistic and admin intern. To excel in this role, you will be a person who loves numbers and who passionately embraces our mission.


Logistics interns are responsible for assisting with details of go and care projects. This position is responsible for the intake and outtake of product, shipping, distribution, storage and warehouse organization. Responsible for maintaining inventory and setting up all pre and post project details. This position will be responsible for travel arrangements for the entire organization. This person will work with leadership, vendors and donors to ensure project deadlines are met. These interns will work collaboratively with financial and admin interns. To excel in this role, you will be a person who loves organized chaos and who passionately embraces our mission.

Admin Assistant

This role will assist with the day-to-day operations of our organization. Including answering phones, managing calendars and lining up speaking engagements. This person will help keep leadership sane, the office running efficiently and ensure each department has necessary resources to be effective. Admin interns are also involved in the execution of project details, ensuring delivery of information to correct project teams. This individual will work independently and collaboratively with all other departments to support Love Mission’s objectives.To excel in this role you will love task management, organization, spreadsheets, planning, and communicating.

All on-site Love Missions interns will be required to work some hours at our coffee shop, Palate Coffee Brewery.

Love Missions Projects.

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